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I want to share something with you that I am extremely passionate about doing.  It is in your best interest to pay close attention because my passion involves helping you to experience an incredibly abundant life.

You see, I have helped thousands of people to become successful real estate investors.  They have learned to make a lot of money.  Yet that doesnt necessarily mean that life is going to be great. There are many very wealthy people whose lives suck. 

Their money only helps them to be miserable in nicer places.  It shouldnt be this way, but all too often this is the story.

Seriously, why do we pursue success?  I want you to think about that and come up with some reasons.  I will bet (because Ive asked the question of thousands of people) that everything you are thinking can be summed up in this one statement: 

You desire to have a better life!

Would we really take risks, work hard and make tremendous sacrifices simply so we can exist?  Of course not!  No one ever strives for success in hopes that they will merely exist.  But again, this seems to be the outcome more often then not.

So here is something that I would like for you to consider.  Imagine what an abundant life looks like for you- hey stop thinking about money, I asked you to imagine what an abundant life looks like to you :-)

Is it having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want?

Great, youre just like most everyone else.  Now I want you to think of every person that you know personally.  Flip through the rolodex in your mind and think of every single one of them that is living the image of the abundant life that you came up with.

If you are like most people you are struggling to come up with names.  Some of you cannot think of one person.  Those of you who can think of some people are probably thinking of people who are 60 years old or older.  But you must admit that of all the people you know, those living abundant lives are in the extreme minority.

Now I have another question for you:

Is there any shortage of success information available to us?

There is so much information on how to be successful that if it all worked you should be able to come up with HUGE lists of people who are living the abundant lifestyle that you just pictured.  But you cant.  

Everything that you have ever learned about success is wrong.  Youre a smart person, youve been playing by all the rules, and youve been working hard.  But are you getting the results that you thought you would?  If you were, you probably would not be reading this now.

So this is where my passion comes in.  I love teaching people how to be Lifeonaires.  Its sort of like a millionaire, someone who has an abundance of money.  I like teaching people how to live and experience abundant lives.  And the great news is that everyone can.

Most of the success information that you can get your hands on will teach you how to make money so that one day you can live life.  It bypasses the most crucial aspect of success.  All of the success information that you have ever had your hands on skips the first and most important step of all, putting your foundation in place.  

Your Life Vision is the Foundation to Success!

If you dont know EXACTLY how you want to live and experience your life, you can not possibly build a business or pursue a career that will get you there.  Instead, you will trade your life for success in the field that you pursue, waking up one day wondering what happened to life.

"But Im doing everything right.  Im playing by all the right rules!"

I get it!  I was there.  I played the game of success as well as anyone, and each and every morning I woke up wondering when I was actually going to feel successful.  Sure I had glimpses here and there, but those moments were more like a tease.  What was I doing wrong?  Why couldnt I feel super successful all the time. Perhaps I had to do more or go bigger and some day soon I would feel it.

The game that I was playing said that if I was successful, one day I might live a great life.  But I wanted a great life NOW.  Not when I became a senior citizen.  I want to experience an incredible life today.

So I changed the rules! 

My business was originally designed to make me money, now its designed to serve my life.  My business not only makes me money, it affords me the time and freedom to experience everything that I want to do.

Its actually very simple. 


Four Simple Steps- we call them the 4 Stages to Financial Prosperity

Living a prosperous life is actually pretty simple if you take the right steps in the right order.  It all starts with putting together your Lifeonaire Vision!  This is the step that just about every American I have ever met skips and it is the most important one.  It is the one that sets you up to win the game of life.

Without a Lifeonaire Vision you will trade your life and time for money in hopes that one day that money gives you your life back.  How is that working for you?  Many of you may make 2, 3 or 4 times more then you did 10-20 years ago, but is your life 2,3 or 4 times better?  If you are like most you better hope that you dont make more because it seems like the more you make, the less life you have.  

It doesntneed to be this way!

It can be different.  With a vision and an understanding of how money can actually serve you, rather then you serving it, you can experience a great life.  And that is what we do.  We help you to develop your life vision.

Stop living someone else's life and live your own!

Make your own rules!  Play your own game, one that you can win.  You will never win the game that the world around you wants you to play.  They will keep changing the rules on you and making the game unwinnable.  But when you make the rules- can you lose?

So here is the deal- the absolute most important thing that you can ever do is plan your life.  Most people will spend more time planning a party or a weekend getaway then they spend planning their lives.  Really?

You need to take your life seriously and give it the time it deserves. Plan it, take it back and control your future.  You can do this by coming to one of our Lifeonaire Get-a-Life getaways.  In three days we will help you to discover the life that you really want to live, and equip you with the tools to make it happen.  

Start thinking about the prosperous abundant life that you envisioned earlier.  With the right plan it wont be too long and that will be your life.  But if you dont do something different now, it will be nothing more then a dream that never comes true.  

Sign up NOW!  Dont let another birthday pass wondering when life is going to get good!  You can have an abundant life today, but nothing will change if you keep playing the same game!

At our 3 day getaway, you will be walked through the process of breaking through all of your old conditioning and getting rid of all of the noise.  Youve had enough people telling you how to live your life, and well help you to write the rules to live life YOUR WAY.  

Not only that, you will leave with a plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.  Youll be equipped to start living and experiencing life now, not someday that may never come, or when you are too old to enjoy it.

Were not talking about a rah-rah session that will make you feel good for a day, but instead we are talking about a real life practical plan that will help you to change the trajectory of your life.  You will experience what many Lifeonaires before you have experienced, and you will be thankful you did.

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We'll even let you keep the materials!

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