Different Than The Rest

by Ken Holmes


I have been a real estate investor for 20 years and have bought a lot of products, read a lot of books, listened to many webinars, and been to many seminars, conventions, and bootcamps. Some were really good and some not as much.  
I usually got at least one good thing out of each of them. And I believe education is essential to this business. But I must say that Lifeonaire is so different and much better. The integrity of Steve and Shaun. The caring about the student as a person. The way the Lifeonaire message changes your life for the better and not just your business, and the relationships that form among the Lifeonaire family make this so much more than another opportunity to learn a real estate method. And being a part of Lifeonaire is not going to an event, taking notes, the hoping it works at home. You get to remain a part and have the ability to stay connected to people that truly want success in your life.

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