Nothing excites us at Lifeonaire more then a success story from one of our students.  We also know that these stories excite, encourage and motivate you.  We are all encouraged and motivated by seeing others overcome their fears, challenges and obstacles in life, and it's fun to give back and share our stories when the time comes.  Enjoy, be inspired, and by all means click here to share your successes with us.

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Different Than The Rest

by Ken Holmes


I have been a real estate investor for 20 years and have bought a lot of products, read a lot of books, listened to many webinars, and been to many seminars, conventions, and bootcamps. Some were really good and some not as much. I usually got at least one good thing out of each of them. And I believe education is essential to this business. But I must say that Lifeonaire is so different and much better.
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How Has Lifeonaire Impacted Our Lives?

by Andy and Jen Kuba


How has Lifeonaire impacted my life? It is almost impossible to describe every way that the Lifeonaire message has influenced my life. That is the power of the message; it infiltrates all areas of your life and gives you purpose and direction
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I have achieved more than ever before...



Steve, I joined my Lifeonaire Titanium group in 2010 when life seemed most grim and when I thought I was out of options- both in my business and also in my personal life.
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The Lifeonaire Message changes lives



What Lifeonaire has done for me is hard to summarize in a short format, but in brief I'll just say that it's changed everything.
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Let's get this kicked off!

by Steve Cook


A quick peek into my success as a real estate investor
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Success Story – 175k Short Sale Deal

by lifeonaire.com


A few weeks back I did an interview with one of my coaching students who made $175,000 NET (that’s what he gets to keep) on
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