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"What you started with this is truly amazing, and I love what it is, what it says, and the belief principles behind it. My vision is formed and becoming something real. You helped me see what I knew was there - I needed to re-address it, and give new emphasis on it. I am thankful and proud to be one of your students."  

- Tom G, Milwaukee, WI


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The secret recipe to make this your best life!

What makes a team the worst in the league one year and the best the next?
What makes one business better then the next?
What makes one marriage better then another?
What makes one real estate investor more successful then the next?

Most experts agree, the answer is- The Right Coach!

A coach helps to bring the best out in others.  There are very few success stories that do not have a coach behind the scenes.  At Lifeonaire, we value coaching.  Steve Cook and Shaun McCloskey attribute so much ot their success to the coaches in their lives.  Both of them still meet with coaches today.  Their coaches stretch them, keep them focused and hold them accountable.  Their coaches challenge them in ways that their spouses and peers are not able to.

Can coaching alone make you a champion? Not any more than talent and desire alone can. But, whether it's in professional sports or business, (or even living a great life) when you take great coaching, and combine it with talent and desire, what do you get? A winner. Ask any champion.

What does it take to make coaching work for you? First, you have to be willing to change how you do things. The truth is you have to want to change, to be better, faster, and more powerful and there is a price but the price I'm talking about has nothing to do with money. It goes deeper.

Because, change can be difficult.

Change can be uncertain.

But it can turn your life around.

It can turn your business around.

And it can happen quickly -- you'll usually begin to see massive results within 90 days.

If you feel as if you have reached a plateau or feel stuck in some area of life or business that is important to you, then I suggest that you make finding a great coach a high priority for yourself. It's the surest way to break through limitations and barriers.

The truth is, the most successful people work no harder than you, are not better looking or smarter, and weren't born under a luckier star.  They do, however, have certain patterns of behavior or habits that create consistent, predictable results. These habits are easy to learn and will start making a big difference in your life immediately, once you apply them.

In coaching thousands of people all across the country, at Lifeonaire there's one thing we've learned: Very few people will follow through with what they learn without having a peer group to help them along the way. Because of this, you MUST get help from others in order to make your new Lifeonaire way of thinking stick and to experience a life of abundance.

Lifeonaire has a coaching program for everyone!

If you're just getting involved and not ready to take the leap into a serious coaching relationship, or if you simply can not afford to hire a great coach just yet, we have you covered.  Through the Lifeonaire Forum everyone is encouraged to come and get coaching at no charge.  Some of our top coaches regularly frequent the forum to provide help, direction and encouragement to all who choose to use it.  This is a no-strings attached coaching forum and we encourage everyone to use it.those 

For those serious about massive growth...

We have developed a more hands on approach to coaching.  This program not only provides you with all of the resources you need, it keeps you surrounded by others a coaching program that provides a little more intimacy we recommend our Lifeonaire Insiders Program...

A step up from our Lifeonaire Insiders is the Insiders Plus program.  This program not only includes all of the benefits of our Insiders Program, but it gives you access to participate in 4 or more mastermind meetings every year facilitated by Lifeonaire's top coaches.  At these mastermind meetings you get to rub shoulders with others just like you.  You'll learn, grow and be challenged by the real life experiences of others.

For those where success is the only option...

For our students who are the most serious, they join one of our Titanium Level coaching groups.  We have a number of different Titanium offerings for you to choose from.  These groups are sought out by the best of the best.  Many nationally recognized investors, speakers, authors, and web marketers seek out spaces in our Titanium level coaching groups. You can't help but grow when you surround yourself with the best.  If you want to become the best, you need to hang around the best.


Testimonials -- From Investors Just Like You

After attending Steve's free event in Baltimore, I was very motivated to take action.  This mass motivation was given some clarity through the teaching in his audio CD's and his book Wholesaling for Quick Cash.  As a rehabber, I know what a good deal looks like. But for some reason, it was problematic to pass it on to another investor for a quick payday.  I committed to doing a wholesale transaction and used the money invested and the Platinum program for accountability. I followed the principals and made a sweet profit in less than two months! 
Gordon Stebbings, Titanium Coaching member

I got a frame two-flat under contract for $125K in an upper middle class neighborhood. It was listed for $169K and the owner took my first lowball offer of $125K. The closest comp is an eight month old two-flat for $320K. This comp property was not completely updated. I think a totally rehabbed house would command more but I haven't seen a completely renovated comp for a two-flat that's less than one year old.  My rehab estimate is $65K, so I'm budgeting $80K. It could be converted into a single-family and get between $380-$400K.

I decided that the profit is so great that I didn't want to wholesale this. Steve Cook's advice was that if the deal is truly a deal, finding the money should not be a problem. Right now, I'm talking with a couple of investors about getting a private money loan.
Member Adrian Cooley on the benefit of Lifeonaire Insiders

I am on Week 11 of the sixteen week Lifeonaire Get a Life webinar and it is incredible. I am learning a lot about myself, good and bad, and gaining clarity on where I am, where I'd like to be and what is really important to me. It is amazing and has been therapeutic for me.  I also started to implement the items in my vision. The funny thing is that I could have been doing those things already anyway!  Thank you for sharing the Lifeonaire concept.  I don't get excited very easily, but this is a breath of fresh air that's getting better with every session.
Russ Majancik, Titanium member


Get access to "The Four Stages Of Financial Prosperity" an e-course valued at $99 that will show you how to master money in 2013. You'll see how Shaun & Steve eliminated a combined $5.5 Million in debt and why 99% of people are managing their money wrong. The Four Stages reveal how to systematically increase wealth and set yourself up where you CAN'T lose.

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